The One With D
News and commentary on the D Programming Language

Happy New Year

The inevitable shift in perception that comes with age, when the passage of time seems to speed up, is beginning to have an impact on my programming hobby. I'm less eager to begin an exploratory project or game prototype, knowing that I'm almost certainly going to abandon it in the end. Time has become more precious to me, so I've become more conservative in how I spend it. I haven't played guitar in months. Where I used to play games regularly, often daily, I now play only once or twice a month and rarely more than twenty or thirty minutes in a sitting. I still have multiple interests competing for my attention, but I'm less inclined to take that first step than in the past, when I used to flit impulsively from interest to interest and project to project. I never would have started learning D back in 2003 if it hadn't been for my impulsive nature, but that very nature made it difficult for me to actually complete most projects. Read More

Year End Renovations

For quite a while, I've been wanting to change the workflow I use with my personal blogs. The primary motivation is that I'm just tired of Wordpress. I've been eager to make the transition to a purely static site. I've also wanted to scale down my VPS plan, as the one I've been paying for the past couple of years is massively bigger than I need, especially since Linode gave everyone free upgrades a little while back. I finally made the move to the cheaper server a couple of weeks ago and I'm now taking the opportunity to initiate the process of moving over to a static site. Read More